Feb 17, 2014

Updated Kitchen and Living Room Pics!

So the last couple months have been busy!  With the holidays, birthdays, and family visiting it has been a festive time around our house.  I mentioned in this post we did a little revamp in the open spaced living/dining room and kitchen.  I had always been wanting new light fixtures since we have moved in and when you are already spending money to remodel a space, it seems like just as good a time as any to spend more!  I shopped around for good deals and with the help of my interior decorator found some fabulous lights I just love.   We replaced the ceiling fan in the living room....the old one was sponge painted gold and silver, it was hideous!  We also got new lights above the island and kitchen table and put in a few faucet in the kitchen.  I love these subtle changes!  The last change I made was the large wall in our living room.  I moved the previous pics you see here to my stairwell and instead made a collage of pics and wall decor.  I absolutely love the change and with the new appliances we got in the summer, I am completely happy with my downstairs living space, which is important since we are down here 80% of the day!  I also included some pics of the party we hosted for my husband's work that inspired all these renovations! 

party pics for work party

yummy food at work party!

I'm sure many of you are curious to know how homeschooling is going.  I plan on addressing that elephant in the room soon, sharing house pics is more fun!



  1. I love your home Kate, it is so cozy and welcoming and is obvious a loving family resides here. I adore your picture frame with the ribbon (?) around the border, your collage wall and I love your BIG kitchen!! You have similar décor style to me, it feels good to mix it up a bit doesn't it :)

  2. It looks beautiful! I love your decorations, and that table spread for the party looked amazing. I'm looking forward to your homeschooling update too :)


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