Oct 12, 2013

Super Simple Fall Leaf Bunting

We have been spending a lot of time outdoors this fall enjoying the beautiful weather.  I have been noticing the colorful leaves and wanted to find away to preserve their beauty.  I also needed to replace the colorful bunting I purchased from The Pleated Poppy  with something more seasonal.  I came up with this idea and was so excited to find it worked.  The leaves almost feel like leather after drying and they have a beautiful sheen to them too.  I am so happy to share this easy project with you.  

Have a great day! 



  1. We've been planning to preserve some of the pretty fall leaves we have gathered for art projects, but I didn't think of using Modge Podge. Thanks for the idea!

    Gorgeous new photo of you and your kiddos, by the way!

  2. this is fun!! we just played with leaves in the laminator...what a fun project :)


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